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Sanitation Department Mission Statement

The City of Chatsworth Public Works Department plays a vital role in providing many services to the citizens of Chatsworth.  

The Sanitation Division works hard to provide every City resident with once a week curbside garbage collection.  The Sanitation Department also provides twice a week service to pickup rubbish, household debris, small brush and trimming on Mondays and Thursdays curbside collection. Our goal is to protect the Public's health, safety and welfare while delivering services that exceed our Citizen's expectations for efficiency, effectiveness and adaptability.

The Sanitation Department will have new operating hours.  Their start time will be 7:00 A.M. and their closing time will be 5:30 P.M. Monday - Thursday (A Four Day Week)

Contact the City's Sanitation and Public Works Director Jody Henderson for more information at (706) 422.2100 

For information regarding recycling go to Keep Murray Beautiful website or call (706) 517.0222

For more information regarding Stormwater go to the City's Stormwater website, call (706) 422.3011 for Dolley Flood.

For more information regarding Erosion Control(706) 422.3013 

Solid Waste Collection for the City of Chatsworth

The City of Chatsworth has an automated garbage collection system. This service is provided to residents inside the city limits of Chatsworth. Residents are provided one (1) trash cart, which is the property of the City of Chatsworth. This is a free service for residents; however, a fee would apply for additional carts and there is a monthly charge.

Your collection day is based upon which side of town you live on. If you are unclear as to what day your garbage will be picked up, please call the Sanitation Department at (706) 422.2100/(706) 422.2101.


On your pick up day, you must have the trash cart out by 7:00 a.m. and have the trash cart removed by 8:00 p.m. The cart must be facing the road so the lid will open up toward the road. The trash cart cannot have anything within 3 feet of it, such as a mailbox, vehicle, etc. all trash must be bagged. Bagging your trash will help control debris from littering your neighborhood.
There could have been a number of reasons why your garbage was missed, please consider the following:

  • Was the trash cart out by 7:00 am?
  • Was all the garbage in the cart, not sitting around it or on top of it?
  • Was the trash cart facing the right direction?
  • Was the trash cart too close to something for example a vehicle or a mailbox?
  • Was there other debris besides normal household garbage inside or beside the cart?
The City of Chatsworth prides itself on making sure all residents have regular uninterrupted garbage service. We do our best to make sure all garbage is picked up, however, we do rely on the residents to do their part to insure proper service. If your garbage was missed, please contact the Sanitation Department at (706) 422-2100.
The City of Chatsworth will make every effort to notify it's residents and businesses in changes of the garbage schedules. If you have any questions regarding holiday pick-up you can call the Sanitation Department at (706) 422-2100.
If your home is newly constructed you would need to call the Sanitation Department at 706.422.2100 to request a trash cart to be delivered to you. If you are moving into an existing home, there should already be a trash can there. If the cart is missing, please contact the previous owner to ask that the cart be returned.
The cart is property of the City of Chatsworth.If your trash cart is damaged or stolen you need to contact the Sanitation Department at (706) 422-2100. The city will try to repair the damaged cart. If the cart is stolen, a police report must be filed in order to receive a new cart.

Trash carts are not to be left on the streets and sidewalks at other times. Carts are provided as a courtesy. Failure to comply with these requirement's could result in the pickup of the container by the Sanitation office.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping keep our streets and sidewalks safe for our citizens.

Chatsworth Sanitation Code
Automated Refuse Collection Guidelines

Contact the Sanitation (Waste Pickup) Department

To call about the Street Department/Trash/Brush pickup
Jody Henderson 706.422.2100
David Page 706.422.2101

The Sanitation Department provides weekly garbage/brush services for city residents.  If you have questions you may call 706.422.2100 Jody Henderson is the Supervisor for the Sanitation/Street Department.  

David Page 706.695.8809